Annual Open House Event
Annual event hosted by the President of the Branch where guests can ask questions, meet members and get a feel for the branch and its strategic goals for the year. This event will be held at various locations within the District and will be open to members and anyone who is interested in advancing the mission of AAUW through the DC branch. There will be food, networking, and fun!  Check out our cool pictures from the event!

Branch Programs
A listing of all of our current programs and networking activities

DC Statehood
Information about how the branch is supporting DC Statehood.

Race and Gender Discussions
Discussion Title: Racism and Gender: Exploring the Relationship Between Black and White Women.We are proud of the fact that our branch was responsible for racially integrating AAUW in 1954, thanks to the leadership of Alice Cole and Mary Church Terrell. The decision split the branch in two and probably other branches as well, but it made the AAUW a leader in racial equality as well as gender equality. As the result, our board approved the Race and Gender discussions that took place between June and November 2020.

Book Club
The branch book discussion group meets monthly to discuss an eclectic assortment of books chosen by the members.

Branch Meetings

Board Meetings

Mary Church Terrell Foundation
Named in honor of Mary Church Terrell (1863 to 1954), a long-time member of the branch who was an educator, writer, lecturer, club woman and civil rights activist.

AAUW National Activities